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The Sleeping Feminine

The feminine spirit of this planet has been asleep for far too long.

She was shamed and blamed and beaten until she became so inflamed and exhausted she laid down to rest.

Too afraid to show her Self to a world that would only judge her every move.

In the book "She" Robert Johnson explains the development of the female Psyche through marriage.

But what happens when no prince ever shows up to wake the sleeping feminine?

What happens when she finally decides to wake herself and heal all alone?

What happens when she begins to heal the inflammation of her sacral chakra, claim her power, and find her voice again?

What happens when she learns to buy her own flowers of FREEDOM and fill her own cup of self love?

What happens when she finally decides to end her own abuse and chooses God Himself for her partner?

What happens when she stops waiting for some mortal man to wake her and turns to the God that lives within her, instead, for the love she so desperately desires?

What happens when she takes all of the heaviness weighing her down and learns to love this too, transmuting the dark into light?

What happens when the Divine Feminine Awakens?

-The Feminine Alchemist

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