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The Real Secret to Sacral Chakra Healing: Celibacy

Updated: Oct 27

I have seen and heard a lot on Sacral Chakra healing lately. And as this is a topic I am well versed in and have done a lot of work on I felt called to share my lens. These are completely my views and the wisdom I have gained through my own path, if something doesn't resonate you are welcome to leave it here.

Sacral energy is our creative energy center. It is literally life giving as it is connected with our reproductive organs. The color associated with this center is orange and the words are "I Desire." When our desire center is not cared for properly physical manifestations that can present are depression and anxiety to name a few. The Sacral chakra can be too open or too closed and there is a spectrum of signs to help understand this more. I have been through both ends of this spectrum personally and experienced many of the physical manifestations until I found a healthy balance.

One truth that I have found on my own journey that I have not seen shared on this topic is that true healing of this center requires either celibacy or a spouse that will work through the healing with you. Unpopular opinion, but if you want to truly heal this energy center I have found the best way is to take God, alone, as your lover.

That’s what I did for the last year+ and it changed my life. My sacral energy is my life creating energy. It is healing. It is powerful.

Want proof? Look at how I have changed my life in the last year. The creative force I have become. I couldn’t have done that without fasting from all energy that wasn’t mine. Turning off all the noise to hear what my partner in life, My Creator, wanted me to hear.

I have shared that energy with many people in the past and I do not shame or judge myself for it. It was the path I chose and I learned much in that season as well. And God loved me there. Enough to get me here. But there are still consequences from my actions in that season that I must face today, karma is a very real thing.

This is not my first fast from the flesh in order to reset my internal systems. I have done a few in the past as well. Before this one I did 9 months after the most intense connection of my life. That 9 months was so much harder than the last year. I thought that man had been sent to heal me. I thought he was my spirit husband. I thought there is no way I could ever have a connection like this with anyone else. But I still chose me over the connection. There was something missing. As much as I cared for him and thought I loved him and the fire that was between us, it just didn't feel completely right when I brought the relationship to my Creator (I couldn't say God then). Oh the things that man made me feel. Alive again after my heart had been shut away for too long.

But I gave it to God one night alone in my room. I cried out to God and said "It just feels so heavy. I want it so bad. But I will give this connection up to you, and if it is meant to be then please heal what is broken and bring it back to me in the light." The man texted me a few more times throughout my 9 months of celibacy. And oh the signs and synchronicities I saw. It was enough to make a person go a little crazy and go down all kinds of rabbit holes. That is the consequence of entering into soul ties with people that are not equally yoked with us though. Sharing the flesh with someone who is not who God ordained as our spouse. I believe that is why we have so many issues in our marriages today but that is a whole other soap box that I will not jump on, yet.

After that season, once I had finally cleared most of the energy from this interaction to where I could human again, I put my toes back into the dating pool. Only to realize I wanted more than the options being presented to me. So I chose to fast from the flesh again. Only this time I did it to create. I told God I wanted a husband that was equally yoked with me and that shared the same vision I had been given and as my sacrifice I would not enter into any other soul contracts until this man was ready, and I would pray for him until then. I desire a partner to share my life with. I do not need this but it is my desire. But how can I create space for that partner if I am sharing my bed with others who cannot help me carry my load?

In my season of celibacy and separation God showed me the vision we are creating, and we need all of my sacral energy to create that! So if you aren’t helping me build that vision then you don’t get access to this magic. Period. I heard it once said "If she isn't your wife she could be someone else's brother so treat her with the respect she deserves as another man's wife" and that really stuck with me.

That’s my why, to protect the sacred fire I have worked so hard to ignite… I need a sacred contract through my Creator to share such powerful energy. And if there is no man powerful enough to step up to this fire that is ok, because trust me God is a pretty powerful lover and I am completely satisfied with the love He has poured in and through me so far.

So if we want to talk about sacral chakra healing let’s start with taking God alone as our lover before marriage and stop entering into soul ties with people who weren’t created to share our yolk.

Does that seem too daunting? I get that. Maybe start with a commitment for a season and see how that feels. I'll try anything once in the pursuit of growth and development. What is there to loose in a season of fasting?

No judgement if that’s not the season you are in yet. Because Sacral energy is super healing energy and sometimes that is the path we choose to take. But that path is also a path that can lead us into visions that God doesn’t have for us so make sure to stay vigilant if that is the season you are in. Gifts of the flesh can feel a lot like gifts of the spirit and can lead to some crazy detours to the path.

Everything that is meant for me will find me if I am in alignment. So want to heal the sacral? Try a season of celibacy.

All good things do take some sort of sacrifice after all.

James 1:4

Want to know more about the lessons I have learned through my walk with celibacy and what lead me there? Let’s chat!


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