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Pray About It and Jump

My parent's have given me so many beautiful gifts that I am just now learning to appreciate fully. One of which is how to handle difficult situations or choices that I face in life. Anytime I go to my parents with a problem they always give me solid advice of pros and cons followed by "pray about it."

My sister and I have joked about how frustrating this was growing up when we just wanted an answer! But now I see how invaluable this beautiful way of teaching us to give over our problems to the universe and the flow of life was.

The truth is we have no control over this life journey that we are on. Boy is that hard for this control freak, Taurean heart to admit out loud. One of the things I have been learning on my growth journey is giving up the control I have worked so hard to build into every aspect of my life. I have always been a person that has a plan A, B, and C but what I have been learning is that by giving up this control and surrendering to the flow of the universe my life turns out better than I ever could have imagined or planned for.

By meditating on my choices and praying to God (or the universe or whatever higher power one might believe in) I am learning to see the beauty in every outcome that comes my way instead of crying over the what could have beens. In this state of absolute surrender I am able to view life through the lens of gratitude instead of disappointment which leads to the receiving of so many beautiful blessings.

My friends and I have started using the phrase "it all happens the way it is supposed to happen" and by viewing life this way I am able to find creative solutions to every difficult situation I find myself in and I am able to trust my decisions in all situations. Sometimes I make the wrong decision, but that's ok because sometimes we have to learn on a smaller scale before the bigger test.

I am learning that there are multiple solutions to any problem we face, the magic lies in trusting myself enough to see the bigger picture and make effective decisions with the information I have available. Are there times I look back on situations and see how I could have handled them better? Absolutely, but regret is a waste of energy so instead I learn the lesson and move on. I will know how to handle similar situations from multiple angles for the next time.

I am able to process the emotions, responses, and outcomes through meditation and honesty with myself to understand myself even better and find true emotional balance. Before I learned this skill I would spend hours or days over analyzing my decisions or actions burying myself in a dark corner of my brain in a state of depression. Now I can make a decision confidently and use that same energy to move on and create more magic.

I am the lead character in my story and the decisions I make are my responsibility to bare. If I offend another it is their responsibility to tell me so that I can course correct. Life is about making "mistakes" learning from those "mistakes" is what leads to greatness. If we do not give ourselves room for error then we do not give ourselves room for growth. I believe in creating a safe space for myself to grow into the best possible version of myself; this means giving up my control, stepping out of my comfort zone, and jumping off the cliff. Will I fall on my face? Maybe. But what if I fly? Isn't it worth the risk to find out?

So next time you are facing a difficult decision I encourage you to "pray about it," whatever that looks like for you. Weigh the pros and cons, think about your options, then make a decision and give the control of the outcome over to the flow of the universe. When you learn to live in this state of surrender you might be surprised at the signs and synchronicities the universe sends you to tell you that you are on the right path.

Jump off the cliff with utter faith that you have given it your best effort. It may not work out the way you were hoping for, but what if the outcome is far greater than your wildest dreams?

Magic lies on the other side of complacency; break out of your box and fly!

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