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Opening My Heart to Receive

I have been opening my heart to romance again lately. It is scary to be so vulnerable, I must admit.

My ego likes to be in control at all times and it has a hard time letting people in to see the real me. It has a hard time speaking my needs because it expects to be let down. And the truth is being vulnerable with another and then being let down is the ultimate heartbreak. But through my journey to love myself I have learned that when I meet all of my own needs I have the freedom to ask for those same needs from another because it's that honesty of communication, first with myself and then with another, that allows for intimacy through authenticity.

I no longer fear rejection because I no longer reject myself. And that freedom allows me the space to have my needs met as well as give others the space to ask for the same.

Recently I went out and was approached by someone that quickly made his intentions known. He had decided I was the most attractive woman in the room and wanted to get to know me more. His direct approach was refreshing in a world of people who are afraid to ask for their heart's desire.

My first instinct was to pull back in fear as I am not used to such open admiration. But he was charming so I left my heart open for his witty banter. His openness and willingness to communicate effectively with me allowed my fragile and bruised heart the safe space to expand and stay open. To state my needs and my desires. To securely say "It's been a tough week. I am not in the mood to perform. I want to be snuggled, and held, and romanced a bit. I want intimacy. I want vulnerability. I want to love and be loved, even if just for a moment in time."

Because of the inner work I have been doing to know myself completely I was able to honestly communicate my needs to another. I believe this is what the universe calls us to do daily to manifest the life of our dreams. To show up in our authenticity, our power. To state our wants and desires unapologetically so that it can deliver them to us. To understand our hearts desires and then ask for them and stand in our request without backing down or retreating because we think we have asked for too much. To ask and then to be open to receive.

The feminine spirit always wants more so it is OK to ask for it! By communicating our needs effectively we are giving others space to fulfill those needs and ask for theirs as well. By creating healthy boundaries we are giving others the outline they know they are coloring in so they can then let their creativity flourish. Being open and vulnerable is hard but true connection with other Souls is worth it.

Vulnerability is strength. Strength to go after our heart's desires to manifest the life of our dreams. Strength to ask and then to keep our hearts open to receive our deepest desires.

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