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Life On the Lake; A Safe Space To BE

Life moves slower here somehow. I can't explain it but it just feels different. There is love, there is peace, and there is family here. There is a community of love that flows so beautifully. I feel whole here. I feel seen here. I feel heard here.

The lake ladies bring so much joy in their complete state of play and joy on their floats with drinks in hand. The husbands on dj duty and manning the boats tied together and anchored down while keeping a watchful eye on those they love.

The art of play is the lesson they teach us. That we work hard, we make our mark on this world, then we float and play and commune with nature like our forefathers before us. We recharge our batteries together so we can go back into the world another day.

Out here there is a freedom. A freedom from electronics (because the internet is spotty at best). A freedom from responsibility (because dad takes care of it all and mom reminds him they do it in joy because they get the opportunity to). There is a freedom to leave all of the stress and worry behind. To just play and enjoy and breathe.

There is freedom to love with your whole heart because you know it will be received with open arms and appreciation. That the love energy will be poured back into you in every moment spent here. Whether it is over a cup of coffee, good food, watching the lightening bugs, belly laughs, good stories, boat rides, fishing, swimming, or just rocking; the love pours over every inch of you until your tank is full again and you are ready to go back into the world to fight another day.

There is freedom here to just sit for endless moments and just BE, uniquely and authentically you without having to shave off any of the rough edges. To connect to Mother Earth and Great Spirit in the way my parent's have taught me, in the way their ancestors taught them. Through genuine connection, love, and gratitude for the abundance that is all around us. Through laughter, play, hard work, tears, and pain; but always love.

Because my parent's love each other enough to grow together; and though I am sure it was not always easy they always chose each other. And as they grew together they built this beautiful safe space for their family to grow as well. As

they built that space for their family to grow it created a ripple effect that vibrated out into all of the lives each of us touch. While we might forget the lessons, or just be stubborn about learning some things the hard way, we always have this space to come back to in order to re-center. To find our North Star again. Recharge those batteries, if you will.

That is the legacy of love and light that ripples out through all of time and space and changes a world. All because two people found each other and chose to love together. To grow together, to build together, and to co-create the life of their dreams together; through sickness and health, the good and the ugly, blood sweat and tears. All because two people refused to give up on love no matter how hard the work. That is what changes a broken world-- learning to love oneself and then others through it all.

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