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Letter from the Heart

Aren't you tired? Aren't you tired of wasting all of this energy keeping up an illusion that is utterly exhausting? Aren't you excited to discover what kind of magic you can uncover when you use that same energy to pour into your true Self?

I don't say this in judgement. I say this from love my dear friend. Because I, too, have been there. I stood right there, broken and exhausted, searching for love in all of the wrong places. Fooling myself and the world by convincing us all that I had it together. But I was only harming myself. And the cosmic joke of it all was... the love, the power, the freedom was mine all along. I just had to open my mind to receive it. To stop fighting my own heart.

To zoom way in. And then zoom way out. To see we are all in this together. Trying to love, trying to learn, trying to do, and trying to be. Finding the balance and the rhythm of life. Some structure and some chaos, but it all adds up to the magic of life.

Our hearts patiently waiting for our brains to slow down and see them. As I sit here, waiting for you to see yourself - so you can in turn see me. And this too.

I respect you on your journey. As I have asked for respect for mine. Like the roots

of Mother Tree I will continue to hold the ground while you search for the sunlight

from the sky. When you come to show me your treasures, I will share my strong sturdy base and nutrients I have found for us to grow together. We will use all of our findings to grow

into the Best Versions of ourselves.

And if you decide to keep your illusions longer. And this too. I will still love you if that is your journey dear friend. I will continue to support you in all of your experiences. Another day turns, another lesson is learned, a new cycle begins. This is the beautiful journey of life. It is why we do this dance over and over again.

Love is presence. Presence is power. Power is freedom. Freedom to see the PLAYFULLNESS of life.

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