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Kissing Frogs

I’ve kissed A LOT of frogs in my lifetime. I mean a plethora. I was thinking this as I watched "The Princess and the Frog" on Disney + the other day. Yes, I watch Disney often, the messages I find in Disney movies are so wholesome and to the point.

As I sat there contemplating the movie after it finished I realized that is the whole point of life, though. Tiana says in the movie that you can’t just wish on a star, it takes hard work to accomplish your dreams. I agree with this, but I do believe in the wishing part too.

I’ve always had big dreams. Big dreams of love, big dreams of business, big dreams of travel, big dreams of life. But I don’t just sit around dreaming. It’s true I get the idea, I wish on my star, I create vision boards and mind maps but then I get to work. I try. I fail epically. I go back to the drawing board. I try again. Man it gets exhausting kissing all those frogs. But every single time I am looking at my results and what I am learning from my process to build it even better. And when it’s just not working at all I tear it all down, back to the foundation, and start over again. I am a builder by nature after all.

I am currently doing this with this blog site, that is why I haven’t been posting lately. This was a great start. A great experience in frog kissing if I do say so myself. I learned to find my voice and be open and vulnerable and fearless with my words. I created a safe space for me to grow and learn to use my voice. But there are some aesthetics I do not like about this frog, some road bumps I can’t seem to navigate my way around so I am taking the lessons learned here and building an even better version with all of the things that I have learned the past year. A space that can grow as I am growing. If the frog doesn’t turn into a king one must be ready to move on after all, that is the whole point.

Lately I have been called to a quieter season, a more exclusive season. Reserving my energy for other projects and to integrate the lessons I have been learning. To take rest and recharge my batteries. To take a time out from kissing to analyze my results and go back to the drawing board. It has been a nice change of pace.

But I can feel the quiet rumble growing again. The wheel turning. The ache for a new adventure in the abyss of my being that is the first stages of my next quest to find my next frog. What will this frog look like? What will it turn out to be? Well, you will just have to keep your eyes open and continue to follow my journey to find out. Will I write here again? Maybe, maybe not. But I will make sure to leave breadcrumbs so you can follow me to wherever I might go next. I will keep my light burning so the frog that is meant for me can find it’s way. For now have a Merry Christmas season, and look for the frog’s that are around you waiting to be kissed.

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