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Hard 30

A friend of mine recently did a hard 75 and the concept really stuck with me, plus his results were amazing. The first thought in my head when I woke up this morning was you're in a hard 30, the fight for your dreams.

That is what the last 15 days have been. The fight for my life. The life that I am building. The life of my dreams. It is do or fail time. There is no knight on a white horse coming to save me like the fairy tales told me. There is no lottery ticket that is going to magically appear and make it all better.

There is me. And each sunrise. And the hard work that this body is putting in from sun up to sun down to make it all work. And there is Cam. Steady and strong. Holding my head under the ice water asking me "How bad do you want it? What is your why? Who are you building this for?"

If you were at Revolution with us this year then you will get that reference, if you weren't then ask me for the video, then how to get there with me next year. Because it will change your life.

"I want it this bad coach. I want it bad enough to risk everything."

And I know together we are going to make it happen. Because together we are unstoppable. Because we are warriors. Because we have each survived alone and I know in my heart we were brought together in this moment to thrive through this adversity.

Manifestation or premonition? That is the joke we keep running between us. It is almost as if we have lived this story before, a million different times in a million different ways. As if our steps are already predestined. As if we are just walking the path that we have been individually building for years without even knowing. Using all of the tools and resources we have gathered on our own adventures to come together in this new adventure, together.

Warrior women, stubborn women, determined women. Doing the things everyone told us we couldn't do. But seeing the mirror of the strength within our own souls in each other. Relying on the strengths of one while building the weaknesses of the other. True partnership. Yin and yang. But neither of us is completely yin or completely yang. True balance and companionship.

I have been praying for a partner for some time. Someone to build the life of my dreams with. I thought it would be the husband God promised me. God has a funny way of answering prayer I have found. This is the partnership I have been praying for. That I have been manifesting. And it showed up in the most unlikely of places.

Cam and I do not have an easy story. Our paths have crossed many times in the past. But the timing wasn't right then. We have weaved in and out of each other's lives until the stars aligned. And now here we are. In this hard 30. Together. Half way there.

Will we crash and burn epically? Or will we sore to even higher levels? My heart knows the answer, I see the vision. But this story sure is a good one to follow along with. So join me here for the hard 30 and share in our grand adventure if you are in need of a little adventure yourself. Sometimes we need to jump. To free-fall into the universe.

To trust, jump, then work our aces off to build exactly what we envision. As hard as it is. That is what this Hard 30 is teaching me. Body, mind, and spirit.

Tools Used:

  • Daily DMO / Structure

  • Honest / Open Communication

  • Learning the true balance between when to push and when to rest -- Earn your rest

  • Leading with Heart

  • Not operating from a lack mentality

If any of these tools resonate reach out and we can go deeper.

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