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Gone Fishin'

I've always enjoyed fishing with my mom and dad. It's my mom's very favorite thing in the whole world. And because she loves it so much it's my dad's favorite gift to give her. My dad tells us stories of fishing with his dad and my mom tells us stories of her Granny. It's that gift of pure joy and connection that my parents have passed to me. It's that gift of no matter what chaos is happening in the outer world there is always this place of peace that we can retreat to together. It is this place of complete surrender to mother nature and the flow of life.

Sometimes we use worms, sometimes crickets. Sometimes we have to try different spots, sometimes different lakes. But one thing never changes... there is always friendly competition, there is always laughter, and there is always love. Because life is meant to be enjoyed with people you love and that gift should be given to our selves and to the next generation.

We need to get back to the basics of taking time-outs to connect and love and share the moments of life, because what is the point of it all if we don't take the time to enjoy it? To share it? To love every damn minute of it.

Creating happiness is an art. It is creating the life of our dreams no matter the cost. It is in doing the work to free ourselves from what we thought life would be and give into the flow of our co-creation. To ride the highs and the lows of life and seeing it for the grand adventure it is. Learning the lessons and growing together in love with the people in our lifeboat. In waving and lending a hand to other boats as they meet us along the journey.

"Jump on my boat for a while friend. Let's go fishing and quiet the noise for a while. I'll show you how to have a little fun; tempt your inner child out a bit. Remind you that life is PLAYFULL**."

My dad always gives me his pole to try to get me to join. He finds the good spots and then hands the pole over to me. I'l jump in for a while, especially if they are catching; to be in the energy of the action for a bit. But, I am usually quick to give him his spot back. I enjoy sitting back and watching them enjoy and just be. Being completely surrounded by their love that has built this family.

There is this third energy they create when they are in the flow of life together. It's like the home they built for us to grow safely in. It's in the safe space their love gave us to grow into our best selves and the soft placed to land when we fail epically, because they also taught us we couldn't fly without falling a bit. And that was OK too because it is in the learning how to fall gracefully, learning the lesson, and

eventually learning to laugh about it (and cry about it), and then sharing the lessons we have learned with those we love that we create a beautiful life. Learning and teaching and growing and sharing and loving. In meeting people where they are and learning how to love them exactly as they are and in turn giving ourselves a safe space to grow into our Best Selves as well.

Life was meant to be shared. That's how we grow, that's how we love, that's how we shine.

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