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Cutting Back to Allow for True Growth

I spent the weekend doing yard work. It's been a long time since I had a full weekend of yard work and it felt so good. I am learning to get into the flow of life without distractions and just being in my own head with my own thoughts to let my inner feminine creativity just flow.

I've always loved playing in the dirt. There is something so grounding and rejuvenating about it. I used to drive my mom nuts coming home dirtier than the boys; but it's just not a successful day outside unless one is covered in dirt.

Yesterday, while I was cutting back my bushes in the garden I was taking special care with my knock-out roses. They have always given me hell taking over with their chaotic growth. It stresses me out to cut off so much of them but I know I have to in order to lead to more growth.

I have to trim off the dead parts even though it leaves them looking bare for a while. I could leave the bushes looking fuller but the old growth starts crowding the new and then everything starts to die. So, I have to go through and cut off all of the parts that are crowded and starting to die so the new flowers can come in.

It always looks like a massacre when I am done with petals all over the ground and my poor bushes looking bare and wild. I feel like this is how my growth journey is at times. Yes, my life looks full and prosperous but if you look close enough there are parts that are starting to be overcrowded and those branches aren't getting the nutrients they need so the aren't as green as the others. Ultimately, this leads to an overall crowded mess that needs a little downsizing.

This is what the universe has been teaching me this cycle: sometimes we have to cut back to the bare minimum to allow for more growth. And while we might look a little bare and like we need some life support from time to time; we are really just allowing the new growth to come in. We are cutting away what no longer serves us for more growth in the future. And while it can be so hard to let go of those old branches sometimes; the growth this allows for is always worth the temporary discomfort.

There is a full moon in scorpio paired with an eclipse tonight. Many people have been facing things like letting go of the way life was "supposed to be", old childhood wounds, holding on to things (or people) that no longer serve our greatest good, guilt, and other hurtful things that have taken up residence in our hearts to keep us from blooming.

I hope we all take the time to sit with these strong emotions as they come up before we clip them out. I hope we get our hands dirty and really get to the root of the problems so we don't get stuck in the same karmic patterns that those negative patterns bring us back into. I hope we trim it all back even if we are looking a little bare when we are done. Because only then do we allow the true growth and beauty to break through.

Only then will our bushes grow into the beautiful garden of our dreams.

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