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Choosing Our Reaction Matters; It's All About Perception.

I had a heck of a travel day yesterday. One of those days where everything seemed to be a road block. From delayed flights to last minute gate changes to going back to the terminal because of unruly passengers to the person behind me kicking my seat the whole way. Old Magen would have been absolutely miserable by the time she landed; tired, hungry, and cranky. But mAgen with an A decided to choose my attitude wisely and find the blessings in every situation.

That is what the universe has been teaching me lately. Things are always going to happen to us, but how we react to those situations both internally and externally changes our experience of those situations. Our reactions matter; so choose your responses carefully!

Why I am traveling will explain this theory even further. You see back in the fall I met a man that swept me off my feet. In a world where I had given up on ever falling in love or being in a relationship again I met someone that just felt different. Like the universe hitting me between the head with a lightening bolt saying no girl your heart was meant to be loved you just have to figure out what you are looking for. In the midst of that romance I bought us tickets to see one of my favorite artists at Red Rocks for Easter weekend... then he ghosted me.

I could have let this get me down. I could have closed off my heart again and been so angry and cried why me...again? I could have done a lot of things. But instead I chose to see the situation as a blessing that taught me a lesson and move on with Grace both for myself and for the other.

You see this person showed me exactly what I expected from, as well as what I would no longer tolerate from others in my relationships. I learned my true value for the first time in my life. I gave it everything I had; yes mistakes were made but isn't that what relationships are built on? Trial and error and finding someone you wish to partner on this life journey with? I did not loose anything from giving freely of my love because love is abundant and I have found it in so many blessings in the form of friends and family by leaving my heart open to receive more love. Karma is a very real thing.

I kept the tickets and flew out to spend Easter weekend with my built in best friend who lives in Denver, my baby sister, who will benefit from the spare ticket. It didn't cost me anything to take a risk that ultimately worked out in my favor because now I sit here in a beautiful cafe in Boulder where I stopped to grab a good meal before going hiking in mountain country. We have a weekend of fun events planned and I didn't even know how badly my heart needed to spend time with her.

On my first delayed flight yesterday I met a really cool man that inspired me to keep following my dreams and challenged me on a few of my beliefs (thanks Rob!); I love a good debate and to be challenged effectively. Because of my late flights I got to see the sunset as I flew into Denver airport and there is just something magical about the mountains at sunset. I even met another nice gentleman that I was able to give some communication tips for a business he was in the early stages of developing that warmed my heart.

You see, by choosing my attitude of love and gratitude I was able to see all of the small blessings around me instead of wallowing in my frustration and fear based mindset. I was able to open my heart to receive the blessings of the universe and find the joy in every single moment of my day. And isn't that the point of this thing we call life? When we learn to choose our reactions we begin to see that: EVERYTHING HAPENS FOR ME AND NOT TO ME.

Yes, some days are HARD and filled with roadblock after roadblock. But God always gives us rainbows after the biggest storms, we just have to be on the lookout for them. We have to leave our heart open to love and gratitude or we will miss the abundance of blessings hidden in the storms.

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