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An Old Friend Visits

Yesterday Death visited me.

Death and I are old friends.

My Pluto is in Scorpio after all.

And if one where to study my Human Design chart they would see my open identity center and may understand that my purpose is to try on as many experiences as I desire to see what feels good and what doesn't and manifest those ideas out into the world.

To manifest change.

A rule breaker. A firework. A catalyst. A dragon. A phoenix.

But yesterday when my old friend showed it was different.

She must have alerted me she was coming because I felt a difference in the air as soon as I woke up. I even naturally dressed for the occasion. And started my day in living ceremony and ritual. Honoring my sacred temple and experience.

And when she arrived I was prepared. The air changed and I instinctively walked outside to greet her. I was present with her greatness and her power. The changes she had birthed in me evident in my awareness of her.

Death then, in turn, birthing.

The profoundness of it all.

While she visited she helped me see once again just how perfect it all is.

Each cycle dying to the birth of the next.

The magic in it all.

How had I become so complacent to death?

So numb to her.

Her beauty is a subtle one to be sure, but all encompassing non the less.

And then she reminded me of the loneliness the catalyst of change faces. Both the rejection from those that fear the change she brings and the abandonment from those that do not honor the presence she offers in seeing her. And from the depths of that darkness bringing the light, the power of her self love, up for the world to witness.

Through death there is life. Through fear there is love.

Death marked her visit with one small hummingbird.

Thank you Dear Friend for reminding me of your sacrifice.

Of the event you are in your being.

Of the absolute warrior that you are.

Of the catalyst of change you are in everything that you touch.

Of the lives you inspire just by showing up and being unapologetically you.

You are pure magic in the way you help the greater whole evolve.

Thank you for being a great evolutionary cell.

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